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What is Visitbox?

Visitbox presents accommodation options and experiences in one combined booking portal. This makes it easier for guests and tourists to find, plan and book their next visit.

In the Aarhus region, VisitAarhus is responsible for the marketing of Visitbox, and Visitbox is part of the general marketing that VisitAarhus carries out.

Who can host?

Everyone who offers accommodation and experiences can join Visitbox. If you want to get on the portal, just contact us via the button below.

In the Aarhus region, it is a requirement that you are a tourism partner with VisitAarhus to join.

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How does VisitBox work?

Create / manage

Visitbox includes a system where you create your / your offers with associated prices, calendar etc.

Rent and sell

Your offers are automatically visible on the booking portal, and thus also with all the other tourism partners that are part of Visitbox. In addition, we market you in collaboration with VisitAarhus. When bookings arrive, you will be notified directly and your arrival calendar will be updated automatically.

Automatic settlement

We are responsible for collecting payment, and we settle with you on an ongoing basis.

Simple payments

You decide the prices yourself

Competitive prices You enter your own prices, but the prices must not be higher than what you otherwise sell for.

Low fee

You pay 10% of your booking for overnight stays and 5% of all your ticket sales to us.

Ongoing settlement

We calculate and settle with you monthly, so you do not have to do invoicing or anything else. The money is automatically deposited into your bank account.


All partners in Visitbox are part of a kickback program, where they receive payment for all the bookings and sales they arrange for Visitbox

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